Long Curved Tip Chain Nose
full size chain nose pliers with 14mm long thin curved jaws tapering to 1.5mm at tip. Stainless steel.5 1/4" length.
Curved Tip
Extra long contact surfaces with cushioned grips and spring loaded handles. Both jaws taper to precision points from 9mm to 1.2mm.Highest quality made by the Lindstrom Model# 7892. 5"length.
Curved Chain Nose
Curved tip chain nose pliers with short jaws & leaf spring. German quality fine 1.6mm point.4 1/2" length.
Screw Insertion
The classic long jaw curved chain with specially milled grooves inside jaw. Stronger than tweezers for screw insertion and also useful for breaking ends of self-tapping and self aligning screws. Grabs guard arms for adjusting verticle angle and in some applications useful for thin wire frame adjusting. Stainless steel.