Heavy Duty End Cutter
• Superior strength • Suitable for stainless steel & titanium • Tungstun Carbide Blades • Double Jointed for better torque • Double action makes easier cutting with less pressure • 20mm cutting edge • 5 Ύ” long• Heavy Coil Spring
End Cutter Oblique
End cutting pliers, flush cut for softer metals, with leaf spring. Highest quality made by the Lindstrom Company.
End Cutter
Small 4.5" lightweight end cutter. Box joint construction for quality and durability. Flush cut for soft metals and rimless cord. Not guaranteed for cutting stainless or titanium.
Oblique Cutter
Oblique cutting pliers, semi flush cut. Do not use on stainless steel or titanium. Nickel plated.
Snip-It Cutter
Snip It screw cutter. Cut off screws up to 1.5mm with no problem. Suitable for stainless steel.