All Metric Revised Rimless Parts Wheel

Rimless Asembly and Nut Kit;
Rimless Asembly and Nut Kit;
Item# 81702

Product Description

Revised and Updated

855 piece rimless assembly screw & nut assortment featuring 11 screw types and 2 nut types with bushing,top hats and 4 types of washer.

Includes: Gold and silver: 15mm x 1.2mm diameter screws Matching 1.2mm Nuts in Gold and Silver Gold and silver: 10.5mm x 1.4mm diameter screws Matching 1.4mm Nuts in Gold and Silver Two sizes of Top Hats: 1.2mm & 1.4mm Tube Bushings 1.2mm x 5mm Compression Double Tube Bushings Nylon washers: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, and 1.9mm

Packaged in our #15.611 12 compartment round dispenser that makes it easy to pick just the part you want in the quantity you need without making a mess.