Stainless Slot Head Assortment

Stainless Slot Head Assortment

Item# 80520
1000 Screws & Nuts

• Slot Heads • Full Threaded • 2 Sizes Nose Pad screws 6 sizes Eyewire & Hinge Screws 1 size 10mm lens Screws with matching Nuts


Standard Nose Pad 4.1mm x 1.0mm

X Long Nose Pad 5.5mm x 1.1mm

Hinge & Eyewire 2.8mm x 1.2mm

Hinge & Eyewire 3.8mm x 1.4mm

Hinge & Eyewire 4.0mm x 1.4mm

Hinge & Eyewire 4.8mm x 1.4mm

Hinge 5.2mm x 1.4mm

Oversize Hinge 6.0mm x 1.6mm

Lens 10mm x 1.4mm

Star Nut 2.5 OD & 1.4 ID
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